Intelligent Real-time Content Filtering

Mobicip's content filtering is highly effective, but can be difficult to explain in simple terms. If you don't have a taste for geek jargon, feel free to skip this page.

There are two elements to how Mobicip's content filtering works.

Intelligent Real-time Content Filtering Engine

Mobicip's content filtering engine consists of a series of filters with progressively higher abilities to identify inappropriate content.

  • At the first level, it checks the domain name or URL being accessed and tries to categorize and match it against an industry standard database. This database is updated daily and contains millions of URLs. Most consumer content filtering software and even some enterprise filters stop at this rudimentary level of filtering. The problem is that this assumes web sites are either black or white, good or bad! What about websites that are generally good, but could have the occasional inappropriate content?
  • Then there is the equivalent of movie ratings like PG, PG-13 etc. for Internet content. These ratings are in compliance with the norms set by the Family Online Safety Institute - - (formerly Internet Content Ratings Association (ICRA)). The second level of filtering is based on this rating and its suitability for the filtering level chosen.
  • When the static measures mentioned above fail to catch inappropriate content, real-time intelligent content analysis filters step in. These dynamic content analyzers perform a combination of heuristic and pattern matching algorithms to determine if the content is appropriate. It is best to end this trip into jargonland right here.

Mobicip has performed extensive benchmarking and testing to confirm that its Intelligent Real-time Content Filtering engine does not add a noticeable delay to internet access. At the same time, it weaves its magic so efficiently that the device experiences no extra load or performance hit. 

Filtering Levels And Policy

Users can select one of three levels of filtering - elementary school, middle school, and high school. For each level, sites and/or content categorized in one or more of the restricted groups below are blocked.

  • High school level is the least restrictive and blocks adult, sexual, weapons, violence, proxy, virus and hacking sites/content.
  • Middle school level blocks online shopping, gambling, dating, liquor, and chat sites/content in addition to the High school level restrictions.
  • Elementary school level blocks social networking, gaming, shopping, entertainment, clothing, and news sites/content in addition to the Middle school level restrictions.

For each filter in the Intelligent Real-time Content Filtering engine described above, Mobicip has identified filtering policies primarily based on benchmarks used by school IT directors. While we believe it could be quite restrictive relative to what parents might want to allow, we are constantly tweaking our filtering policy based on feedback from our users.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations in this regard, please get in touch with us on our helpdesk.

NOTE: If you change your filtering level, please allow up to 60 mins for the change to be propagated to all our servers.