Now there's the bing app

Just installed mobi on the kids new itouch. Only took about an hour and he had the free bing App that he downloaded from iTunes. Even though safari was disabled he got another browser anyway. Any experts out there know how to block this and other browsers without having to block the app store all together? Thanks

We have heard from other users about this issue, and here is what we recommend.

1. Install all the apps you need, and then disable the installation of new apps by selecting

Settings > General > Restrictions > Installing Apps > OFF.

For now, discuss this with your child and have him/her request you to unlock the App Store if and when required.

2. Contact iTunes Customer Support and let them know that the Bing app has been rated incorrectly as 4+.

Click here, then select App Store > Troubleshooting Applications > Email us

We are fairly confident that Apple will address this issue very soon. There has been quite a bit of press coverage recently and it must have got the attention it deserves.

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