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My 10yo just bought an iPod Touch. I installed Mobicip Premium and set up the restrictions for elementary. I have it set so he can install Apps in the 9+ group as long as they don't require purchase. When he goes to the App store and tries to download a Free App within in age range (9+ or even 4+) it says he has to log in with an iTunes ID. We tried to set him up an iTunes account of his own so he could do that, but iTunes returns a message that he does not meet the Minimum Age Restrictions to have an iTunes account. I'm reluctant to just give him my iTunes account/password, and if he sets up an account with a fake age indicating he's older, wouldn't that override the age restriction? How do I give him an ID and password that lets him log in to access Apps that are still within the restrictions I've permitted?


You are right, Apple does have a minimum age requirement to have an iTunes account. Actually, we recommed that you use your own iTunes account on the iPod Touch for several reasons.

1. You can remove your credit card information from the iTunes account. This will prevent any paid apps from being downloaded using the account. To remove your credit card information,

- launch iTunes and login. Go to the iTunes Store home, and

- under Quick Links at the top right,

- click on Account.

- On the iTunes account page, click Edit Payment Information, and

- change the Credit Card to None.

Save your settings. This will ensure that no purchases can be made using your iTunes account and only free apps can be downloaded.

2. As long as your account is used, you will receive a summary of the apps downloaded from iTunes. This will help you keep tabs on what apps are being downloaded to the device.

3. Even with the age-restrictions, there are a few browser apps that are incorrectly rated at 4+ and have slipped through Apple's age-rating process. To prevent such apps from being used as workarounds to access the Internet, we suggest that you lock the App Store itself and allow it only on demand. To lock the App Store on the device, set Settings > General > Restrictions > Installing Apps > OFF. You can always unlock the App Store using your 4-digit passcode briefly to allow new apps to be installed, then lock it back again. Locking the App Store will also prevent the use of another iTunes account from being setup and used on the device.

By using your own iTunes account, receiving emails from iTunes about apps downloaded, and by locking the App Store, you have a better chance of keeping tabs on the apps available to your 10-year-old.

Please let us know if this answers your questions. Otherwise we are happy to assist further.

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Yes--that was very helpful information. Thanks!



You are very welcome! Always glad to help.

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I am so frustrated with APPLE that I am about to return my entire collection of overpriced apple products! I try to make an apple id and I get this error message over and over even when I try different email accounts!

"You cannot create an apple id because you do not meet the minimum age requirement"

I first messed up and put 2011 as my birth year, but I am 34 and when I try to use my correct birth date I still get this stupid error.  APPLE SUCKS!!!


We are sorry for the trouble you are having. Please try contacting Apple support to resolve your issue. Here are some numbers that you can use to call them or click on this link to use their Express Lane service.


1-800-MY-IPHONE (1-800-694-7466)

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a kid could hack it and move on with a new account, but me - a real adult, with real info that COULD be verified by CC and other stuff can not now setup an account - after putting in the wrong year. REALLY?

I've put in 3 different email accounts i have and ALL are blocked by "you do not meet the min age" after typing in all the info again and again for 1968!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess i have MORE GOOGLE searching to do, so that i can clear itunes's bad coding mistakes.

 Run a full uninstall of iTunes on your machine.  Restart PC.  Then download and re-install fresh iTunes EXE.  Should clear the memory the machine has of the "underage" ID attempt, allowing you to set the correct birthday and establish your account.  Good luck!

It appears that quite a few users have run into this issue and identified different workarounds. Thanks for posting your suggestions on this thread. I'm sure it will be helpful for other parents faced with this problem.

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 i am ready to throw my kids new ipod touch in the trash.. 4 hours setting it up it made me reinstall itunes 3 times before it stopped telling me that I could not upload music as it installed incorrectly, and five attempts so far to create an apple id. I tried online an additional 3 times but when using the newly created apple id i run into the same message about me not meeting the minimum age requirement.. i guess 1972 isnt old enough. 

SAME prob!!! Very frustrating!!!! New Ipod touch, can't use it cuz we get the minimum age error message, even when using my birthdate (1971). Poor girl just got it for xmas, I just installed a router so she could actually use the thing, and now THIS!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.