How To Setup Parental Controls On The iPad

Here is a step-by-step guide to setup parental control restrictions on the Apple iPad. iPhone and iPod Touch users can find a similar tutorial here. A video version of this tutorial is available on Mobicip's YouTube channel.

Mobicip Safe Browser Setup

Mobicip offers a best-selling alternate browser for Safari that enables parental controls on your child's iPad. It is simple to setup and works anytime anywhere! The Mobicip Safe Browser is protected by a account setup by the parent.

From the home screen on the device, touch the App Store icon.

Select App  Store icon

Touch the search tab, and search for "mobicip"

Search for  Mobicip

Search for Mobicip

Select the Mobicip Safe Browser from the search results.

Select Mobicip  from search results

Touch the price button, it will turn into BUY APP. Touch this button and enter the iTunes username and password. Once purchased, the app will be installed on your screen. When installation is done, touch the Mobicip icon to launch the app.

Launch Mobicip  app

If you don't have a account already, touch the Create New Account button.

Create New  Account

Enable the app with your username and password. You should see the browser open up like this. Tap the URL bar at the top of the browser, and enter the website you wish to access. The browser should open the website accessed.

Website opened

NOTE: Visit to upgrade to Mobicip Premium (get 10% off using this discount code: MOBICIPFAQ). The Premium upgrade allows you to customize your filtering and monitor usage from the web-based dashboard (using any browser) or the Monitor app (on any iOS device).

General Parental Control Restrictions Setup

From the home screen, select Settings > General.

Select  Settings > General

Select Restrictions. If you haven't done this before, select Enable Restrictions.

Select  General > Restrictions

Enter a 4-digit passcode. Make sure you remember this passcode, in case you need to change these settings.

Enter  restrictions passcode

You will see the restrictions screen. Set Safari, YouTube, Installing Apps and Deleting Apps to OFF on this screen.

NOTE: Some parents may choose to allow apps to be installed with age restrictions setup, but be aware that there are still issues with the age-based ratings and browsing the App Store itself.

Restrictions  screen

You may also restrict email accounts from being setup. Whether you have setup a child-friendly email service like Zilladog or Zoobuh, or you simply want to turn off email access altogether, this gives you the ability to lock email accounts from being setup or modified. 

Lock Accounts and Navigation

Dont Allow Changes to Accounts

Scroll down the screen to the Allowed Content area.

Allowed  Content Restrictions

Set In-App Purchases to OFF.

Turn In-App  Purchases to OFF

Select Music & Podcasts. Set Explicit to OFF.

Block  explicit content

Select Movies. Select the rating you would like to allow.

Select G  rated movies

Select TV Shows. Select the rating you would like to allow.

Select TV  ratings

Select Apps. Select age-based filtering for apps you would like to allow. 

Select App  Ratings

Hit the Home button to return the home screen.

Mobicip as default browser

NOTE: If you have multiple devices to setup, see this article.

That is it! You can be rest assured that your child will have a safe and secure Internet enabled device that he/she can use anytime anywhere! Visit from any computer and login using your account to configure the filtering and monitor the browsing activity. You may find these video tutorials helpful to setup your filtering and to monitor the activity reports.

Please report all problems by by email or on this forum thread or through the contact form. We are actively listening for your feedback and promise to address any issues asap.