How To Setup Mobicip To Filter YouTube On The iPhone & iPod touch

Yes, you heard it right. It is possible to allow safe and filtered access to YouTube on the iPhone & iPod Touch. This tutorial will walk through the setup, step by step. Click here for the iPad version of this tutorial.

1. Setup Restrictions

The following is an exerpt from the tutorial on How to Setup Parental Controls on iPhone & iPod Touch. If you haven't setup Restrictions on the device before, follow the instructions in the tutorial above first before worrying about YouTube.

From the home screen, select Settings > General.

Select Settings > General

Select Restrictions

Select General > Restrictions

Enter a 4-digit passcode. Make sure you remember this passcode, in case you need to change these settings.

lEnter restrictions passcode

You will see the restrictions screen. Set YouTube to OFF on this screen (NOTE: Since iOS 6.x, the native YouTube app is no longer pre-installed on the device. It is available from the App Store, so setting Installing Apps to OFF is enough.)

2. Enable YouTube through Mobicip

If you have a non-Premium account, simply login at and check your filtering level. Elementary level offers the most protection on YouTube, while High School level is relatively lenient.

If you have a Premium subscription, you can customize your YouTube filtering.

- Visit, and select Settings > Categories.

Select Settings > Categories

- Click on Entertainment/Games to expand the category.

Allow YouTube under Entertainment

- If the YouTube sub-category is checked, it means YouTube is currently being blocked. Uncheck this sub-category.

- Now scroll down this page and click on the YouTube category.

Expand the YouTube category

- To block specific YouTube content, check the box for that sub-category.

Customize the YouTube sub-categories

NOTE: Please remember to click the Save button at the top of the page to save your settings.

That is it! Now launch the Mobicip Safe Browser on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will see something like the screenshot below where specific YouTube videos are being filtered by Mobicip.

 Mobicip YouTube Filter Screenshot