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I want to open up access for my child to the App store so that she can browse and possibly purchase apps. I really only want her to have access to children apps suitable for her age (9+).




Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to setup parental control restrictions for apps on the App Store. You can set age-based restrictions at 4+, 12+ or 17+.

great thanks - that works.

We are concerned about the apps available on an Itouch in the app store.  Even though our kids can't access certain apps because we disabled the in appropriate app function they are still able to be viewed in the store.  Is there any function that allows for these apps to be removed from even being seen or being able to read the description?


Please see this discussion on the forum. We have copied our recommendation below:

1. Install all the apps you need, and then disable the installation of new apps by selecting

Settings > General > Restrictions > Installing Apps > OFF.

For now, discuss this with your child and have him/her request you to unlock the App Store if and when required.

2. Contact iTunes Customer Support and let them know that you are concerned about this issue. Click here, then select App Store > Troubleshooting Applications > Email us

We are fairly confident that Apple will address this issue very soon.

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Now, this is something we didn't predict or expect, but Apple has decided to retire thousands of apps that have inappropriate images from the App Store. Read the original Tipb article here, excerpt below:

Following up on last night’s story about the removal of apps with sexual content from the iTunes App Store, TiPb asked Apple for comment and they responded:


“Whenever we receive customer complaints about objectionable content we review them. If we find these apps contain inappropriate material we remove them and request the developer make any necessary changes in order to be distributed by Apple.”


We didn't expect this, but it is definitely good news for parents concerned about their kids accessing the App Store and running into objectionable apps as a matter of routine.

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